Terms and Conditions:

Pala De 7 app does not publish or sell user data entered into the application to any other party. The application of Pala De 7 is bound to preserve the privacy of all users and their data.

Property Rights:

It is not lawful to use the name of Pala De 7 in any application or form, including the logo or images in the application. “Pala De 7” is a trademark registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is subject to copyright.

Usage Restrictions:

The application of Pala De 7 is meant to be used by amateur sport players. All topics, images, and discussions in the application must be focused on these topics. The application may not be used for profanity, obscene, defamatory, insulting, or promoting hate and racial discrimination. In the event the administrator of the application finds a user that is not complying with these terms, we are entitled to delete and ban the user from using the application again. A third-party framework (Branch.io) collects and transmits installed packages information to their console for analytics purposes.

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